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A. Farber & Partners has assisted Sarnia residents with their financial difficulties for over 35 years. We helped thousands of Canadians solve their debt problems and rebuild their financial futures.

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Bankruptcy related problems in Sarnia can say goodbye since A. Farbers & Partners are here. Equipped with experience and technical knowledge, our experts are ready and able to assist anyone who is suffering from the effects of insolvencies.

Jason Campbell is here to free Sarnia residents from bankruptcy and financially-related worries. Armed with expert knowledge with insolvency cases in Canada, they can provide the most effective help possible when it comes to sudden or planned bankruptcy.

Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies can only be provided by a Federally Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee. A. Farber has been licensed for over 35 years.

Meet Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Jason Campbell, Debt Solutions Manager in London, Ontario

Jason Campbell, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Jason began working in the insolvency and restructuring industry in 2003 as an estate administrator, with a small practice in Sarnia. Over the years, Jason developed a strong skill set which lead him down the path of becoming a Licensed Trustee in Insolvency and Restructuring.

Jason got his licence in 2014 and joined the Farber family in 2015. Since that time, Jason has enjoyed the opportunity to help debtors solve their financial distress, and guide them onto the path of financial recovery.

A father of two boys, Jason is always around a baseball diamond or hockey rink. He also enjoys golfing with his kids.


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Bankruptcies in Sarnia

Large petrochemical companies are the community's main economic drivers. Over the recent past, several plants have shutdown, and of those still in operation, increased automation and outsourcing has led to significantly fewer workers. These shutdowns and the resulting loss of jobs, and therefore population as workers search for employment elsewhere, will contribute to a general, which shows that the population will decline by 17% over the next twenty-five years.

Even though employment in both the petrochemical and agricultural industries has declined significantly in recent years, these two industries remain central drivers of the Sarnia Lambton economy.