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I often see situations where people come into our office and they are not exactly sure who they owe money to or anything in relation to their credit rating score. It’s a very stressful time in their lives and they’re coming in looking for a clearer picture in order to deal with their debt problems.

One way to solve that burden is to do a credit check before coming in to see us at A. Farber & Partners Inc. The two credit agencies where we suggest you do a credit check are TransUnion and Equifax. Knowing your debt ahead of a consultation with a Debt Solutions Manager at Farber will make for a smoother appointment and more ease discovering which solutions are best for you. It‘s important to know that your credit report is a confidential document which prevents our office from obtaining a credit report on your behalf.

At A. Farber & Partners, we’re here to help people solve their debt problems and knowing which creditors you owe money to prior to your free consultation makes the process of finding a debt solution easier.

Check Credit Report