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An Unexpected Relationship Breakup Jeopardizes a Retiree’s New Car Lease

I met with a retired lady who recently separated from her common law spouse. She was quite distraught over the break up and was wondering how she was going to manage to pay her debts and a vehicle lease she had just recently entered into.

After reviewing her situation it was clear that she could not afford her vehicle lease payment now that she would have only her pension income to rely on. We discussed that she could give up her current leased vehicle through a voluntary surrender and possibly obtain a new leased vehicle at a more affordable monthly cost.

It was important to this retired lady to pay something towards her debt. With a lower car payment she was able to make a reasonable offer to her creditors through a consumer proposal.

We were able to help this lady with a difficult situation that was causing her emotional and financial distress through filing a consumer proposal and enabling her to retain a vehicle.