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Will The Insolvency Trustee Charge Extra Fees or A Consultation Fee?

Whenever I meet with people to discuss their financial pressures, inevitably the list of questions they ask includes their puzzlement over how the Trustee (and the firm itself) gets paid for the work they do and what extra fees the person will have to pay for us to assist them.

Having dealt with car dealers, mortgage brokers, the airlines and other service providers and professionals over many years, most people EXPECT hidden fees and additional add-on charges. They assume there will be a number of add-on fees and charges. And if they’ve dealt in the past with any of the non-profit credit counseling agencies or debt management firms, they will assume they will have one up-front payment to make to us for our advice, then a second payment to us when they file their paperwork and then a series of regular proposal or bankruptcy fee payments to make once the process gets underway.

Why Choose A. Farber & Partners?

Luckily, when you come see us, nothing could be further from the truth. Up-front fees and extra charges are something you’ll NEVER experience when you sit down to meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. All of the fees a Trustee charges are based on rates dictated (and regulated) by the Federal Government under the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act.

In fact, you may find this hard to believe but your fees could actually be as low as $150 per month, depending on your financial situation (income level, assets owned, etc.). Best of all, you can pay these fees over a pre-determined period of time. And in the case of a consumer proposal you are even allowed to pay off your proposal early, without penalty or interest fees being charged. That means you can rebuild your credit and your financial life faster.

No Hidden Fees with A. Farber & Partners!

When you deal with us there are no surprises. Your streamlined monthly payment is confirmed by you before you sign even one piece of paper. So you will know EXACTLY what you’re going to pay (based on the information you provide to the Trustee as he or she puts together your legal paperwork for signing). You make no payments at all until you make a decision to proceed and we file your paperwork with the Federal Government, and you get the legal protection you need and are entitled to.

No surprises. One simple monthly payment. A chance at a new financial life, or “fresh start” if you will. It’s all possible when you give A. Farber & Partners a call at (844) 507-7526& or fill in this form us to arrange your free consultation at one of our more than 80+ debt help offices. We’re here to help you.