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North Bay

Office Information

324-222 McIntyre Street West, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, P1B2Y8

Tel:  (888) 491-6326

North Bay Licensed Insolvency Trustee & Consumer Proposal Administrator 

We Are Here to Help You Get Out of Debt 

A. Farber is at North Bay’s beck and call when it comes to financial troubles and bankruptcy cases. Our insolvency team prides itself in having the latest knowledge in modern business bankruptcies and rich experience in handling the most complicated financial issues known to Canadians. 

Our Personalized Debt Solutions Work 

A. Farber is here to free North Bay residents from bankruptcy and financially related worries. Armed with expert knowledge of the ins and outs of insolvency cases in Canada, we can provide the most effective help possible when it comes to a sudden or planned bankruptcy. The members of our team can be easily contacted, and they provide immediate consultation and guidance to those experiencing pain caused by insolvency. If you are experiencing financial related problems, do not hesitate to call us. 

A. Farber has assisted North Bay residents with their financial difficulties for over twenty years. We have helped thousands of people solve their debt problems and rebuild their financial future. 

Ready to chat? We’re ready to listen – and help. Click the FREE CONSULTATION button below, or give us a call.