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    A. Farber & Partners has assisted New Liskeard residents with their financial difficulties for over 35 years. We have helped thousands of people solve their debt problems and rebuild their financial futures. Debt problems in New Liskeard can say goodbye since A. Farbers & Partners are here. Equipped with experience and technical knowledge, our team of experts is ready and able to assist anyone who is suffering from the effects of insolvencies. Raymond Peake and Barry Peake are here to free New Liskeard residents from bankruptcy and financial related worries. Armed with expert knowledge with insolvency cases in Canada, they can provide the most effective help possible when it comes to sudden or planned bankruptcy.

    A. Farber & Partners has assisted New Liskeard residents with their financial difficulties for over twenty years. We have helped thousands of people solve their debt problems and rebuild their financial future.

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    Raymond Peake, Debt Solutions Manager

    Raymond Peake, Debt Solutions Manager

    Raymond joined A Farber and Partners in September 2015 as a Debt Solutions Manager in Northern Ontario. Raymond has been involved with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency industry for over 20 years. He joined his father’s firm in 1996 after graduating from Nipissing University in the Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting program. He was born in Zimbabwe and lived in South Africa until he was eight. He then immigrated to Canada with his family in 1982 and has been in the Temiskaming Shores region for over 25 years. Raymond is dedicated to finding debt solutions for those living in Northern Ontario, from Sudbury to North Bay and New Liskeard to Kirkland Lake and surrounding communities. He is eager to help you find debt solutions through settlements with your creditors (also known as filing a Consumer Proposal). Raymond brings a respectful and professional approach to all of his debt solution engagements.

    Barry Peake, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Barry Peake, Licensed Insolvency Trustee in North bay

    Barry is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, a Certified General Accountant, and a Certified Insolvency Counselor. Barry is in our New Liskeard office and is available to assist all those who are struggling with debt problems, whether personal or business related. His experience extends from personal insolvency matters including consumer proposals or bankruptcy to corporate bankruptcies, proposals and receiverships. Barry is active in the community being the Treasurer for a Northern Ontario children’s summer camp.

    Dennis Kish, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Dennis Kish, Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Oshawa

    Dennis Kish is our Regional Practice Leader for New Liskeard. Prior to becoming a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Dennis practiced law in the areas of insolvency and creditors’ rights, having acted as legal counsel to Insolvency trustees, people in debt, and banks in a wide variety of insolvency proceedings. Dennis works closely with people and business owners dealing with debt. He is able to outline all your options for debt relief. Whether you need a Consumer Proposal or bankruptcy protection, Dennis helps people by providing you with strategies to help rebuild your financial future.

    "I go out of my way to ensure you will fully understand your options, and I encourage you to bring your questions with you to our meeting," says Dennis. "I do my best to put you at ease, so we can find the right solution to your financial pressures."

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    Bankruptcies in New Liskeard

    The town of New Liskeard, now merged in the city of Temiskaming Shores (together with Dymond township and Haileybury town), is situated near Clay Belt and Lake Timiskaming. The primary core of New Liskeard’s economy is its retail industry. Due to the recent amalgamation of the three towns (the three is often referred to Tri-Towns), the culture, education, and economy of the three are still slowly melding together. Even if Temiskaming Shores is considered as a city, it has a small population of 10,400 according to the Canada 2011 Census.

    The city of Temiskaming Shores has been considered as a shopping hub for both Ontario and Quebec. Primarily, the city serves as a retail center for its neighbors such as Kerns, Harley, Caset, Hudson, Harris, Cobalt, and Coleman. However, due to the influx of larger shopping malls and retailers like Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart, some smaller and older businesses are struggling. As of last year, a total of 142 companies in the Retail and Wholesale industry in Ontario have declared bankruptcy, which can be alarming. If you are affected by the stress of a large debt load or if you are down the path of insolvency, contact A. Farber and Partners now to help solve your debt.