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Cindy Racho

Debt Solutions Manager
cracho@afarber.com  (587) 747-7590

Cindy is a Debt Solutions Manager helping people from Farber’s Calgary Office. Cindy is an experienced credit analyst and underwriter which enables her to see all sides of the business and individual’s financial situation. Prior to joining Farber, Cindy has worked for one of the biggest banks and Lending Institution in Canada. She has worked as well in the consumer insolvency business in one of the insolvency firms in Calgary. Her experience in these industries help her structure and provide the best possible solution for her client’s overwhelming financial hardship.

Cindy has a strong passion for helping others and really takes pride in the work that she does. She believes that everyone deserves to have that reset button to better their financial situation.

In her spare time, Cindy loves to sing, do yoga and meditation, and listen to music. She also loves road trips and explore the mountains.