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Nirmala Bhaskar

Licensed Insolvency Trustee, FCA, CIRP, LIT
nbhaskar@afarber.com  416-727-4979

Nirmala began her career in insolvency when she joined A. Farber & Partners Inc. in 2003. She works with people to review their financial situation and offer the best solution possible based on their individual circumstances. She keeps in regular contact with those she is working with and provides financial counseling as needed.

Recently, she had someone she met with express how comfortable she made him feel after their initial meeting as he was quite nervous beforehand. He later told Nirmala that she treated him with dignity and respect and thanked her.

Nirmala enjoys the day to day interaction with people and helping them change their lives for the better. In addition to English, Nirmala is able to help clients that speak Tamil and she has an understanding of Hindi and Urdu.